Diagnostic Catheter


An angiographic or diagnostic catheter is intended for use in angiographic procedures. It is also used to lead a guidewire or a catheter to the target site. The Outlook 4 Fr (1.40 mm) has

Angiography Needle


Angiography needle used for percutaneous entry in to vein using the seldinger technique. Accept 0.038 Guide-wire. Imported siliconised needle. Griped Hub give better control. Used for angiography or any seldinger technique. Contact Sales



A stent is a small, mesh-like device made of metal. When a stent is placed inside of a coronary artery, it acts as a support or scaffold, keeping the vessel open. By keeping the

Introducer Sheath


Coronary catheterization is a minimally invasive procedure to access the coronary circulation using a catheter. The procedure uses a special dye that helps visualize the blood flow through the heart. The procedure begins with

Coronary Balloon


Interventional cardiologists perform angioplasty, which opens narrowed arteries. They use a long, thin tube called a catheter that has a small balloon on its tip. They inflate the balloon at the blockage site in

High Pressure Tube


high pressure tubing is commonly used as a flush line for contrast injection in applications such as: • Angiographic catheters • Balloon catheters • High pressure injection of materials suitable for implantation, which include orthopedic



Indeflator is an inflation/deflation device used to inflate and deflate an angioplasty balloon during coronary angioplasty. The device has an inflation syringe, a connecting tube and a pressure gauge. The inflation syringe has a lock

Guiding Catheter


The guide catheter provides support for device advancement (stents, balloons, etc.). It is the conduit for device and wire transport, a vehicle for contrast injection and takes measurements. Guide catheters are available in a

Guide Wire


Guidewires are an integral part of vascular intervention. They are utilized to access target vessels, cross lesions, and deliver definitive interventional therapy. There are many choices in guidewires, as different clinical presentations