Project Description

male external catheter

The male external catheter (MEC) is an external catheter used for the treatment of urine incontinence in men. This external catheter is not a true catheter, as it is not inserted into the body cavity duct or vessel. The male external catheter is a simple rubber or synthetic sheath that is placed over the penis, in the same way as a condom used for contraception. Unlike a normal condom, a male external catheter has a plug to which a drainage tube is attached that allows the urine to pass into a urinary storage bag fastened around the leg. Also unlike a normal condom, most male external catheters are self-adhesive. The male external catheter is a non-invasive device, as it makes no contact with the mucosa of the urethra. Male external catheters can be used to manage incontinence that is resistant to management by other methods.
Finally something about quality of life: the male external catheter can give men who suffer from incontinence greater confidence and comfort for this embarrassing problem.

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